"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect."
Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the Web and Director of the W3C1.

Faithful to the founding principles of the Web, CM-CIC Investissement is committed to providing you an accessible website.

Accessibility policy

CM-CIC Investissement website has been designed in line with the web standards defined by the W3C, and notably with the web-content accessibility directives issued by the Web Accessibility Initiative. This means that the website is accessible to all Internet users, including senior citizens and disabled persons with functional impairment.

Browser compatibility

CM-CIC Investissement website offers optimal ergonomy with latest-generation browsers while remaining accessible for users with older browsers. If you have difficulty in reading the website, you may disable the CSS style sheets (see your browser's options). This will change the appearance of CM-CIC Investissement website, but will not affect the functions.

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1 The W3C, was founded in October 1994 to promote compatibility between World Wide Web technologies.