CIC Capital: the international partner for entrepreneurs

CM-CIC Investissement is expanding outside of France under the CIC Capital brand, which is specific to its international activities.

Active support for our operations in Europe and North America

Having already developed its offering in Canada, CIC Capital is now expanding its offering to the following countries :

  • USA,
  • Germany,
  • the United Kingdom,
  • Switzerland.
This geographical expansion mirrors one that has been achieved by the CIC group, which has a solid presence in Germany (Targo Bank, BECM), Switzerland (CIC Suisse), the UK (CIC London) and the USA (CIC New York).

Powerful support for entrepreneurs

CIC Capital has two goals :

  • Providing active support to its portfolio companies expanding abroad.
  • Investing in small and mid-Cap companies in the five countries where CIC Capital settled, to provide equity and assistance in their expansion either local or international.

CIC Capital utilizes the expertise and experience of CM-CIC Investissement's teams, that has invested €2.1 billion in around 350 companies, and applying them outside of France.

CIC Capital adjusts its offering in line with the requirements and constraints of its target national markets.
Its experience in the various segments of private equity, together with a long-term strategy made possible by its own extensive resources, allow CIC Capital to have a unique market position as a preferred partner to companies and their managers.

CIC Capital's teams represent fully-fledged private equity operations in the German, Swiss, UK and North American markets.

CIC Capital is a trusted partner and its people endeavour to build close links with portfolio companies both for the development as local player or through its international platform. Main areas of specialisation:

Our values

  • Close ties with managers and co-shareholders
  • Value-added partnership
  • Long-term collaboration
  • Mutual trust

Size of company

  • EBITDA of between €3 million and €15 million

Unit investment

  • Between €5 million and €20 million in equity and quasi-equity

Main sectors

  • Healthcare: manufacturing and services
  • Agrifood, mass consumer products
  • Manufacturing and industrial services
  • Aerospace
  • Specialist retailing
  • Communication/Media/IT

Geographical zones

  • Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA and Canada

    Shareholder strategy

  • Minority stakes (10-30%) and involvement in governance
  • Active partnership with management
  • Managerial input and co-investment capability

Investment strategy

  • Financing for organic growth
  • Acquisition, build-up
  • Capital restructuring
  • Leveraged acquisitions (including MBOs)
  • Spin-offs, carve-outs

    Our main partners

  • Family-owned companies
  • Motivated managers with stakes in the business
  • Proven growth potential and profitability
  • Established market position
  • International expansion capability

CIC Capital is developing its role as a trusted partner to entrepreneurs in the UK, Switzerland, the USA and Canada.

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