• Press releases | 04/10/2019

    Emballages Réunis welcomes CM-CIC Investissement and Garibaldi Participations as investors as part of a management buy-out

    Lyon-based Emballages Réunis – a group consisting of five operational companies, the largest of which are GM Emballages and Protembal

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  • Press releases | 03/10/2019

    CM-CIC Transactions PME advises Helios Web shareholders to join forces with Extensiel

    Founded in 2013 and based in Toulouse, Hélios Web designs and sells own-branded mattresses and bedding items.

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  • Press releases | 30/09/2019

    General Transmissions acquires Chinese company AEM with the support of CM-CIC Investissement

    General Transmissions (GT) is the world’s leading manufacturer of transmission solutions for lawnmowers. The family company based in the Vendée has acquired China’s Actuator Electric Motor Company (AEM) to establish a strategic position in the process of shifting towards electric power.

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  • Press releases | 16/09/2019

    The Enso group lays foundations for its future together with CM-CIC Investissement

    Now renamed Enso, the Synapse group, which was acquired in 2001 and run by a team of four senior executives, is the French leader in software and ERP publishing for temporary staffing and personal & household services services companies

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  • Press releases | 25/07/2019

    CM-CIC Conseil assists in the sale of the Blanchon Group, to Abénex

    Founded in 1832, the Blanchon Group is a European leader in wood-care products, offering a full range of paints and varnishes

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  • Press releases | 16/07/2019

    CM-CIC Conseil advises the sale of industrial quality control specialist CPS Quality to German group Formel D.

    Founded in 2004 by Stéphane Perrot, CPS Quality is a group specialising in outsourced quality control for companies in the automotive industry.

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  • Press releases | 08/07/2019

    Galapagos welcomes new investors in Alpina Savoie, consisting of, CM-CIC Investissement, Bpifrance and senior managers of the company

    Galapagos, a Rennes-based food producer, founded and led by Christian Tacquard, has reorganised the shareholder structure of its subsidiary Alpina Savoie and has welcomed new investors in order to accelerate the development of France’s oldest semolina and pasta producer..

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  • Press releases | 01/07/2019

    CM-CIC Conseil advises the shareholders-managers of TSM, Sopralu and Sotrapose on their MBO with the support of Martek

    Founded in 1990 by the current shareholders-managers Philippe and Nathalie Graffin, TSM, Sopralu and Sotrapose are specialised in bespoke metalwork for the construction industry.

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  • Press releases | 18/06/2019

    CM-CIC Conseil advises Groupe Elsan on the sale of Hôpital Privé de Vitry to the local healthcare service (Pôle de Santé du Plateau) of Clamart-Meudon

    Groupe Elsan, France’s leading private hospital operator, is selling its medical, surgical and obstetrics unit in Vitry-sur-Seine to the local healthcare service (Pôle de Santé du Plateau) of Clamart-Meudon.

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  • Press releases | 03/06/2019

    CIC Capital supports the Swiss MEGA group in a new phase of its development

    The investment firm CIC Capital has invested in MEGA GOSSAU AG, the leading Swiss manufacturer of metal die casting solutions and door

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  • Press releases | 19/05/2019

    CM-CIC Conseil advises Novelis shareholders on its sale to Accès Industrie

    Acquired in 1999 by the Brillouet brothers, Michel and Jean-Marie, Novelis is specialised in the sale and rental of new and second-hand handling equipment (forklift trucks, pallet trucks, stackers etc.).

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  • Press releases | 16/05/2019

    Visible Patient achieves a capital increase of 11.3 €M to distribute internationally its 3D modeling solutions for image-guided surgery .

    Visible Patient is pleased to announce the closing of its second fundraising for € 11.3 million (equity financing).

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  • Press releases | 06/05/2019

    Feedaxess is stepping up its development with CM-CIC Investissement to become a leading European equipment supplier

    Feedaxess designs, manufactures and distributes professional kitchen and commercial-scale refrigeration equipment

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  • Press releases | 29/04/2019

    KEEN EYE raises EUR 6 Millions to Empower Biomedical Labs with AI

    This funding will enable the company to deploy internationally its latest machine learning technologies for laboratories and biomedical research

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/04/2019

    A union with a window on the world

    French market leader in wood joinery, the family-owned Lorillard group is currently France’s fifth-largest bespoke industrial joinery company, known to the general public via the Lorenove network. Head of the group since 2015, Thierry Luce explains its multiproduct, multi-site, multi-brand and multi-market strategy that is both ambitious and unusual.

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  • Press releases | 19/03/2019

    CM-CIC Transactions PME advises the shareholders in Carpe Diem Intérim on the sale of their company to the Proman group

    Founded in 2003, Carpe Diem Intérim is an independent generalist temporary employment agency working across a range of sectors such as industry, construction, civil engineering and services.

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  • Press releases | 14/03/2019

    CIC Capital and PESCA Equity Partners invest in growth and internationalisation of Brüning Group

    CIC Capital, the international private equity arm of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, and PESCA Equity Partners (PESCA)

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  • Press releases | 12/03/2019

    CM-CIC Investissement and Sodero Participations supporting the development of Systosolar in the photovoltaic market

    The French leader in the distribution of PV equipment to trade customers, Systosolar, has opened its capital to two investors – CM-CIC Investissement and Sodero Participations – in order to take the next step in its development in this fast-growing market.

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  • Press releases | 18/02/2019

    Dupont Restauration reinforces its presence in the south of France with the acquisition of Multi Restauration Méditerranée (MRM)

    Dupont Restauration has finalised the takeover of MRM in order to strengthen its services offering in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

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  • Press releases | 11/02/2019

    Hardis Group’s management organises the company buyout supported by CM-CIC Investissement associated with Bpifrance

    The deal remains subject to approval from the competition authorities and should be effective by the end of March 2019

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  • Press releases | 28/01/2019

    Bretagne Télécom intends to pursue its acquisitions strategy with CM-CIC Investissement and Bpifrance

    Following the takeover of Prophone in 2017, Bretagne Télécom acting as a holding company (Global Secure Cloud) has opened a round of financing organised by CM-CIC Investissement in collaboration with Bpifrance

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  • Press releases | 23/01/2019

    Antidot announces a €5.5m funding round from Ventech and CM-CIC Innovation to accelerate its international deployment of Fluid Topics

    Antidot, the software vendor behind Fluid Topics Dynamic Content Delivery platform, announced today that it has closed a €5.5m financing round from pan-European investment fund Ventech and its historical partner CM-CIC Innovation (a member of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Group).

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 20/01/2019

    A protective union

    Founded in 2006 by Philippe Pagès and Fr édérick Réquier, AMD (short for Activ Medical Disposable) is the only 100%-French brand of protective solutions for adult bladder weakness. The company’s chief operating officer Fréderick Réquier tells us how this business start-up has managed to establish its position in a market dominated by big international groups.

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  • Press releases | 14/01/2019

    CM-CIC Conseil advises Groupe Popy on the acquisition of Groupe Gilbert Lemelle

    CM-CIC Conseil advises Groupe Popy on the acquisition of Groupe Gilbert Lemelle

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  • Press releases | 07/01/2019

    Compagnie Européenne d’Intelligence Stratégique (CEIS) welcomes CM-CIC Investissement as an investor

    CM-CIC Investissement has bought into CEIS, a strategy and risk management consultancy, to help it grow and allow its founder Olivier Darrason to start transferring ownership to the management team.

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  • Press releases | 07/01/2019

    DBF Automobiles: scaling up with the support of CM-CIC Investissement

    The DBF Automobiles group was founded in 2008 and is based in Artigues in south-west France. It is one of the Volkswagen Group’s top five dealer groups in France

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  • Press releases | 13/12/2018

    SPUD completes a pre IPO funding of $11 million led by CIC Capital Ventures with reinvestment from Walter Capital Partners

    Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc. (“SPUD”), a leader in Canadian grocery e-commerce, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed a pre-IPO raise of $11 million.

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  • Press releases | 22/11/2018

    CM-CIC Conseil advises Coprodex shareholders on its sale to Au Creuset de la Thiérarche (Arniquar group)

    solutions in many other sectors.

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  • Press releases | 19/11/2018

    CM-CIC Conseil advised Elsan in the sale of Clinique de la Plaine to Holding 4P

    Elsan, a leading French private hospital operator, sold its clinic (medical, surgical and obstetrics) in Clermont-Ferrand to Holding 4P

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  • Press releases | 16/10/2018

    Universign raises €12m to become European market leader in electronic signatures

    Universign, a French electronic signature specialist, has announced a €12m round of fundraising in a round table headed by Odyssée Venture, Caisse des Dépôts and CM-CIC Innovation, a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel-CM11 group and long-standing shareholder.

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  • Press releases | 09/10/2018

    CIC Capital continues its development with its fifth participation in two years.

    CIC Capital is a committed investor alongside the entrepreneurs and strengthen with this operation its position of financial partner in the Swiss market, by taking its fifth significant stake in two years

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 01/10/2018

    A partnership that distils excellence

    This famous producer of “crème de cassis de Dijon”blackcurrant liqueur was founded in 1874 and has been named the world’s best liqueur producer. François and Yves Battault, the third generation of their family to lead the company, talked to us about its living heritage and how it has always been able to combine tradition with innovation.

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  • Press releases | 17/09/2018

    NoMadMusic has carried out its first fundraising transaction with CM-CIC Innovation

    NoMadMusic, the developer of the NoMadPlay app, has closed its first funding round with CM-CIC Innovation, subsidiary of CM-CIC Investissement and member of the Crédit Mutuel-CM11 group

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  • Press releases | 17/09/2018

    CM-CIC Conseil advises shareholders on the sale of SPRING Technologies to Hexagon

    SPRING Technologies produces software that enables manufacturers using Numerical Control (NC) machines to reduce production costs and increase the production capacity of their machines

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  • Press releases | 12/07/2018

    Socomore is taking flight as a global medium-sized business in the aerospace sector

    Socomore, the French manufacturer specialized in the preparation and surface-treatment products for the aerospace industry

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  • Press releases | 27/06/2018

    CM-CIC Investissement strengthens its shareholder in property investment company FREY

    and opportunistic

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 26/06/2018

    A union that opens the doors to the future

    With seven plants and over 1,300 employees at present, in the space of 20 years, CETIH (Bel’M, Zilten, SWAO, Systovi etc.) has become the leading name in entrance doors in France. Its success has been based on its culture of product and process innovation, as well as social innovation, as ex-plained to us by Chairman Yann Rolland.

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  • Press releases | 30/05/2018

    CIC Capital acquires an interest in the Auxilium Group – previously held by btov Partners – in order to support its build-up strategy and to increase its coverage across Germany

    CIC Capital (Schweiz) AG, together with private investors, acquires a minority stake in the German healthcare group Auxilium. The investment company CIC Capital intends to further support the development of the Group, which has demonstrated a real know-how in making acquisitions across Germany

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  • Press releases | 30/05/2018

    CM-CIC Investissement supporting the creative development of RC Concept, a major player in the design of temporary point-of-sale advertising

    RC Concept is changing its ownership structure, welcoming CM-CIC Investissement, a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel-CM11 group, as a 40%-shareholder

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  • Press releases | 16/05/2018

    CM-CIC Conseil advises Virojanglor on the sale of 51% of its share capital to italian group Pusterla 1880

    Pusterla 1880 has acquired 51% of the share capital of Virojanglor, a company specialising in metallic packaging for the luxury goods industries

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/05/2018

    An energetic partnership

    Exagan is using a revolutionary technology developed by Soitec and CEA-LETI to position France and Europe as global leaders in a new generation of electronic components. We spoke to Frédéric Dupont and Fabrice Letertre, co- founders of Exagan in 2014, to understand their vision for this global industrial leader of the future.

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  • Press releases | 03/05/2018

    Montaner Pietrini Boissons is consolidating its position as a leading independent group by welcoming CM-CIC Investissement as an investor

    CM-CIC Investissement, a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel-CM11 Group, has invested in a minority stake in Montaner Pietrini Boissons.

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  • Press releases | 27/04/2018

    Circet group begins next phase of growth with Advent International

    Advent International, one of the largest and most experienced global private equity investors, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Circet Groupe (“Circet”), France’s leading telecommunications network service provider from CM-CIC Investissement, its former major shareholder, Omnes Capital, the company’s founders and management team. Advent partnered with Circet’s management led by Philippe Lamazou in this transaction

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  • Press releases | 24/04/2018

    CIC Capital powers Swiss bicycle market

    The young and dynamic company FM Investissements SA wants to conquer the Swiss bicycle market and is benefiting from prominent support

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 18/04/2018

    A highly agile partnership

    The Intech group, which specialises in automating industrial processes, does not regard itself as a medium-sized business but as a federation of SMEs, each of which is a leader in its niche market. Its chairman, Michel Schenck, spoke to us about its agile but carefully structured approach

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/04/2018

    An international union

    With operations in 11 countries, in the space of 15 years the Sauermann group has become one of the leading names in indoor air quality. It is the result of a proactive and structured transformation project spearheaded by CEO Serge Bohyn

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  • Press releases | 11/04/2018

    CM-CIC Conseil assists RYB Group in its acquisition of Polypipe Group Plc’s French subsidiary

    Following a fundraising round organised by CM-CIC Conseil, RYB Group, a French producer of plastic pipes and fittings for the construction

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  • Press releases | 03/04/2018

    New label for La Pizza de Manosque with CM-CIC Investissement

    The high-end frozen pizza specialist wants to double its market share in France by opening up its share capital to CM-CIC Investissement

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  • Press releases | 29/03/2018

    CM-CIC Conseil helped the Hourtoulle family with the sale of its private clinics in Angoulême and Saintes to the Vivalto Santé Group

    Founded in 1921 by Dr Victor Hourtoulle and then taken over successively by Robert and Pascal Hourtoulle, SAS Clinique Saint-Joseph operates

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  • Press releases | 20/03/2018

    ABF Décisions takes a new step forward with CM-CIC Investissement

    ABF Décisions, a specialist consultant in obtaining public aid, has turned to CM-CIC Investissement, a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel CM11 Group

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/03/2018

    A union that stimulates growth

    Under pressure from low-cost competitors at the end of the 2000s, Technoflex – European market leader in the design and production of infusion bags – underwent an ambitious repositioning in 2011. We talk about its successful transformation, based on innovation and international activities, with Chief Executive Officer Olivier Chesnoy

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 13/03/2018

    A top of screen union

    Founded in 2011, in just 6 years, Phenix Group has become the French market leader in city centre urban display advertising. This spectacular growth is underpinned by an ambitious strategy of acquisitions and innovation, as explained to us by founder and CEO Sébastien Romelot

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  • Press releases | 08/03/2018

    CM-CIC Transactions Pme advises ESTAIR's founder-shareholder on the sale of the company to SYCLEF

    Jean-Jacques GIORGIS, founder and majority shareholder of the ESTAIR group (AIR FROID and AGECLIM) has chosen to ensure the continuity of the business by joining forces with the SYCLEF group

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  • Press releases | 02/03/2018

    CM-CIC Conseil advises on merger between Alstef and BA Robotic Systems Group

    Following a market consultation process organised by CM-CIC Conseil, the shareholder-directors of Alstef and BA Robotic Systems Group, Pierre Marol and Jean-Luc Thomé, have announced the merging of the two companies with the support of Qatar Investment Authority and CDC International Capital

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  • Press releases | 01/03/2018

    Scalefast Announces $8M Series A Funding Round, Led by Benhamou Global Ventures

    Scalefast, the direct-to-consumer digital commerce platform for lifestyle brands, announced that it has secured $8 million in Series A funding

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  • Press releases | 28/02/2018

    CM-CIC Transactions PME advises Microtec shareholders on the sale of the company to Méca Jura

    Microtec, a company specialising in high-precision mechanics for the medical and aerospace sectors, has joined forces with Méca Jura

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  • Press releases | 27/02/2018

    Index Education targeting further expansion further expansion with the support of CM-CIC Investissement

    Founded in 1992 by Olivier Calderon, Index Éducation is French market leader in the publishing of educational software for headteachers, teachers, administrative staff, parents and students.

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  • Press releases | 27/02/2018

    CM-CIC Conseil supports Elsan in the sale of three facilities to the DocteGestio Group

    Elsan, one of France’s leading private hospital groups, sold its medical centers (medical, surgical, obstetrics) in Provins, Romilly and Saint-Lô to the DocteGestio Group, a French independent operator specializing in medico-social care

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  • Press releases | 15/02/2018

    CM-CIC Transactions Pme advises MEG Investissements shareholders on the sale of the Gedimat construction materials wholesale business

    As part of the refocusing of activities, shareholders of family-owned group MEG Investissements have sold one of their subsidiaries, Béarn Matériaux, which operates construction materials wholesale facilities under the Gedimat banner.

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  • Press releases | 06/02/2018

    The Bougrier family and CM-CIC Investissement; drinking to a new partnership !

    Bougrier is a wine merchant and winemaker based in the Loire valley that has been owned by the same family for six generations. Noël Bougrier, the current CEO, has decided to reorganise the ownership structure

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  • Press releases | 06/02/2018

    Gozoki welcomes CM-CIC Investissement and IRDI SORIDEC Gestion as investors

    The Gozoki group produces various types of regional French gourmet specialities and operates mainly in Southwest France. It consists of almost 20 companies, three of which were acquired in 2017

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  • Press releases | 31/01/2018

    French Smart City Software Publisher ForCity Raises €8m In Its Initial Round

    Fast-growing urban simulation software developer ForCity just closed its first round of investment at 8 million euros through an process led by CM-CIC Innovation and with the participation of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, Omnes Capital and Axeleo Capital.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 30/01/2018

    A tasty partnership

    Located in Verdun, in the North East of France, Berni was originally specialized in the production of Italian charcuterie products for families of Italian descent, peculiarly numerous in the Lorraine region

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  • Press releases | 25/01/2018

    Advent International and Circet’s management team have entered exclusive talks regarding the acquisition of Groupe Circet from CM-CIC Investissement

    Advent International (“Advent”), one of the world’s leading private equity firms, has today announced that it has entered exclusive talks regarding the acquisition of Groupe Circet, France’s leading player in telecoms infrastructure for telecoms operators, from its main shareholder CM-CIC Investissement,

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 12/12/2017

    A union with the sweet smell of success

    In the space of 20 years, the family has managed to establish the brand alongside leading names in cosmetics and well being. Nicolas Ruth – son of the founder and Chief Executive Offi cer of the familyrun company since 2006 – talks about a development strategy based on an authentic Provencal foothold... providing a solid basis for international expansion.

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  • Press releases | 05/12/2017

    Potager City raises funds to drive rapid growth and cover the whole of France

    Potager City, whose innovative concept involves delivering ultra-fresh produce sourced directly from producers

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 25/11/2017

    A union with lift-off

    With 250 employees, Airflux is one of France’s leading names in industrial compressed air with clients like Thyssen, Téréos and 3M. The group’s founder and executive director Serge Boutry tells us how he addresses the major challenges relating to the energy industry during the fourth industrial revolution.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 20/11/2017

    A union from the right perspective

    Made known to the general public by the recent visit from prestigious client Tim Cook (Apple), Eldim specialises in measuring fl at screen brightness. Spotlight on the world market leader in conoscopes with executive director Thierry Leroux.

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  • Press releases | 06/11/2017

    CM-CIC Investissement: joint architect of IDEC's future development

    The IDEC group was founded in 2000 in Blois by Patrice Lafargue, and is now one of France's leading designers and developers of business

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  • Press releases | 19/10/2017

    Medincell announces Investment by CM-CIC Innovation

    MedinCell, a pharmaceutical company developing a new generation of long-acting injectable medicines using its BEPO® technology

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 17/10/2017

    A transformative partnership

    Chargeurs is one of the unsung heroes of French manufacturing: a leading player in temporary surface protection, garment interlinings, technical substrates and combed wool. Michaël Fribourg has been CEO since 2015, and wants to make this group, which has over a century of history, a model of international excellence

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  • Press releases | 16/10/2017

    Warning doubles in size with the acquisition of NRJ Transport & Logistics

    By welcoming Crédit Mutuel CM11 subsidiary CM-CIC Investissement as a shareholder in 2016, Warning - one of France’s leading names

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/10/2017

    A well packaged union

    Proplast, a company specialising in plastic packaging for local authorities and the food manufacturing industry, has grown its sales from €2 million to €120 million in 27 years.We take a look at its ambitious acquisition policy with executive director Philippe Berthe

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  • Press releases | 13/10/2017

    Dupont Restauration dedicated to growth with CM-CIC Investissement and Bpifrance

    Dupont Restauration, France's fifth-largest contract catering company, has reorganised its ownership

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  • Press releases | 12/10/2017

    Algodone raises funds from CM-CIC Innovation

    After initially raising funds in November 2016 from business-angel networks (Méliès, Insead BA, Val Angels, Cèdre Participations), microelectronics-focused endowment fund FOREIS and co-investment fund Angels Source, Algodone has now welcomed Crédit Mutuel CM11 group

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  • Press releases | 03/10/2017

    Panthera Dental is accelerating its growth through investments by TVM Life Science Ventures VII and Emerillon Capital

    Panthera Dental announced today its partnership with TVM Life Science Ventures VII and Emerillon Capital venture capitals

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 26/09/2017

    Getting to the heart of data

    Jointly led by a team of three highly experienced people with complementary skills, Adobis Group is one of France’s most innovative start-ups in the hospital information systems market. This market is just the beginning for the team, which intends to roll out its big data

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  • Press releases | 18/09/2017

    CM-CIC Investissement supporting Selenium Medical's innovative adventure

    Selenium Medical is a contract manufacturer specialising in surface treatments and sterile packaging solutions for medical devices

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  • Press releases | 15/09/2017

    Manuloc continues its long-standing partnership with CM-CIC Investissement

    Manuloc, a leading player on the French handling equipment rental market in France, has decided to continue its relationship

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  • Press releases | 14/09/2017

    CM-CIC Investissement once again showing its confidence in Normandy-based Fouchard

    Having first invested in Fouchard, a regional leader in climate control systems, in 2005, Crédit Mutuel CM11 subsidiary CM-CIC Investissement has invested another €1.5 million

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  • Press releases | 13/09/2017

    Labellemontagne aiming for the summits with the arrival of a new investor

    The Labellemontagne group is continuing its development by welcoming CM-CIC Investissement, subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel CM11 group

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 12/09/2017

    A securely implanted partnership

    ETD Consultation specialises in providing organisational advice to the dental industry, as well as being a pioneering player in e-health relating to implantology. Its CEO and founder Jérôme Elias spoke to us about the philosophy behind this dual approach

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  • Press releases | 11/09/2017

    CM-CIC Transactions PME advising shareholder of Rennes-based company Soridis on its sale to the Lumiplan group

    Serge Grouazel, who founded Soridis in Rennes in 1999, has decided to sell his company to a group that will enable it to continue its development

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  • Press releases | 05/09/2017

    CM-CIC Conseil, subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel CM11 group, advising CMT+'s owner-CEO in its divestiture / sale to the Scalian group

    CMT+ was founded in 2003 by Thierry Briol, and is a specialist in purchasing and management control consultancy

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  • Press releases | 27/07/2017

    Buyout of Technoflex by CM-CIC Investissement and its management

    Technoflex is a family-owned company that was founded in 1986 and is based in Bidart, near Biarritz, France

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 11/07/2017

    A sparkling partnership

    Bouvet Ladubay is a famous name in French sparkling wine and the leading producer of wines using the traditional Saumur method, welcoming 40,000 visitors per year to its vineyard. CEO Juliette Monmousseau talked to us about the company’s long family history and current plans

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  • Press releases | 05/07/2017

    CM-CIC Investissement investing in Emera again to support its development

    Having previously been a shareholder in the mid-2000s, Crédit Mutuel CM11 group subsidiary CM-CIC Investissement has now invested €20 million

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  • Press releases | 05/07/2017

    Endodiag has received an investment of €4 million from CM-CIC Innovation, which led the funding round, and BNP Paribas Développement

    Endodiag, which specialises in developing innovative solutions for diagnosing endometriosis

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 04/07/2017

    An energising partnership

    With its focus on being a high-quality gym operator, Accrosport – founded in 1992 – is helping almost 15,000 members stay in shape across 11 clubs with total space of 20,000 m² in Normandy, Hauts de France and soon Brittany. The company's founder André Daussy talked to us about the specific features of his business model in a sector seeing an influx of low-cost operators

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 27/06/2017

    An uplifting partnership

    The Freche group has been based in Southeast France for more than 50 years and is one of the region's leading players in equipment rental to construction companies. The family-owned group is headed by Eric and Laurence Freche, who represent the third generation of family managers.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 26/06/2017

    A highly traceable partnership

    The “La Collecte Médicale” brand now leads the French market for collecting medical waste in low-density areas, with almost 22,000 regular clients. The company’s chairman and founder, Patrice de La Théardière, spoke to us about his vision, which is both proactive

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  • Press releases | 21/06/2017

    Clinique Développement and Le Normandy form a combined entity with the support of employees and CM-CIC Investissement

    The goal is for the combined entity to develop a leading healthcare offering in its region focused predominantly on post-acute and rehabilitation care and on surgery

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  • Press releases | 15/06/2017

    CM-CIC Investissement backing AMD's development

    Activ Medical Disposable, a French manufacturer specialising in the design and production of urinary incontinence protection

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  • Press releases | 13/06/2017

    CENTOGENE raises a EUR 25 million Series A financing to fuel innovation and to accelerate growth into personalized medicine

    International consortium of investors led by TVM Capital Life Science together with DPE Deutsche Private Equity, Careventures and CIC Capital

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  • Press releases | 08/06/2017

    CM-CIC Conseil advises Groupe Popy on its acquisition of Groupe Amand-Bianic

    On 6 June 2017, pork products manufacturer Groupe Popy acquired Groupe Amand-Bianic, strengthening its position as the world leader

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  • Press releases | 01/06/2017

    CIC Capital launches US$500 Million North American Growth Fund

    CIC Capital Canada, a member of the French banking group Crédit Mutuel CM11-CIC, announced today the launch of a new US$500 million North American Growth Fund, with US$150 million dedicated to Canada, mainly for investment in Quebec and Ontario companies.

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  • Press releases | 30/05/2017

    CM-CIC Conseil, a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel CM11 group, helping Arias / Maia's owner-CEO with Technology & Strategy

    Founded in 2006 by its current CEO Yoan Forget, the Arias / Maia group is a well-known provider of technological consultancy services, operating in the mechanical engineering, electrotechnical, industrial IT and general IT segments

    Read more

  • Press releases | 17/05/2017

    ITESA: securing future growth with CM-CIC Investissement

    Crédit Mutuel CM11 subsidiary CM-CIC Investissement has bought into ITESA alongside chairman Olivier Pagès, in a deal intended to support the company in its next phase of growth

    Read more

  • Meet entrepreneurs | 16/05/2017

    A partnership that connects

    With annual revenue totaling €600 million, Circet is now France’s leading provider of telecoms infrastructure to operators. CEO Philippe Lamazou explains to us how he has been able to take full advantage of structural investment and sector consolidation

    Read more

  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/05/2017

    An authentic union

    Universign’s electronic signature solution makes it France’s leading player in this market. Julien Stern, who has a PhD in cryptology and is the company’s founder and CEO, talked to us about why large companies like SFR and Ingenico have been placing their trust in Universign for several years now.

    Read more

  • Press releases | 15/05/2017

    ISP System targeting the international market alongside CM-CIC Investissement

    From its bases in Vic-en-Bigorre and Mérignac, ISP System designs, assembles and sells high-precision equipment and technologies for high-tech industries. Its €4 million capital increase reserved for CM-CIC Investissement

    Read more

  • Press releases | 26/04/2017

    The Denis Kuchly group is continuying to build its business with CM-CIC Investissement

    The group was founded by Denis Kuchly in Hérange, France in 1980, and now leads the French agricultural works market

    Read more

  • Press releases | 19/04/2017

    INVST I/O is helping French start-up Novathings to meet new challenges

    French start-up Novathings has raised €2 million from a consortium of national and regional investors, including INVST I/O (CM-CIC Innovation)

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 12/04/2017

    A union to deck out the city

    Bordeaux-based company Coveris specialises in the design and manufacture of architectural facades and glass roofs, and has made itself known across France with the construction of the glass towers of the Chaban Delmas bridge in Bordeaux. Chairman Dominique Thomasson tells us how the company has established its own unique position in its market

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  • Press releases | 12/04/2017

    Emerillon Capital and Sanderling Ventures Join Forces Backing a New Precision Medicine Company Based in Montreal, Canada

    Emerillon Capital and Sanderling Ventures announced they are joining forces to finance PreciThera Inc, an emerging Montreal based precision medicine company dedicated to the design and the development of innovative biological agents for the treatment of orphan diseases.

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  • Press releases | 12/04/2017

    Training Orchestra has raised €5,3 million from CM-CIC Innovation and Turenne Capital

    The funding round was led by CM-CIC Innovation and Turenne Capital, and also involved A Plus Finance, a long-standing investor in the company

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  • Press releases | 20/03/2017

    CM-CIC Transactions Pme advising manager-shareholders of Kuantic on the capital increase reserved for the Valeo group

    founder, Pierre Schmidt (the third to bear the name) explains how he has propelled the small artisanal charcuterie-maker from Strasbourg into the Top 6 delicatessen producers in France

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/03/2017

    4-star partnership

    With its novel concept consisting of all-inclusive 4-star hotels, Okko Hôtels is freshening up the hotel industry.Olivier Devys, Chairman and CEO of the company that he set up in 2008, spoke to us about the benefits of this new business model

    Read more

  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/03/2017

    An encounter to the beat of a drum

    With target growth of 20% per year, MDA is now one of France’s most dynamic retail networks. Specialising in discount white goods, the company is managed by Michel Vieira, who joined it 30 years ago as a service technician

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  • Press releases | 07/03/2017

    CM-CIC Investissement: partnering the Orchestra Prémaman group for its development

    CM-CIC Investissement subscribed a €30 million issue of bond redeemable with shares issued by Yeled Invest, the holding company

    Read more

  • Press releases | 24/02/2017

    CM-CIC Investissement supportive of the management change at FDG group

    Seven years after a primary LBO carried out by the unlisted German group Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG), CM-CIC Investissement has become the group’s main shareholder, enabling FDG, a leader in the management of non-food products for major retailers

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 23/02/2017

    An elegant union

    A symbol of French corsetry dedicated to curvier women,Empreinte is currently the leading high-end name in its sector. Director Philippe Berthaux, who has been at the head of the company since 1998, explains how he has transformed Empreinte in order to adapt to the challenges of what is now a global market

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  • Press releases | 13/02/2017

    Acquisition : The IMI group, with the support of its financial partners, is acquiring Switzerland's Stettler Sapphire

    IMI, a family-owned group, was founded in 1987 by Jean-Pierre Gérard, the father of its current chairman Antoine Gérard

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 10/02/2017

    A lip-smacking encounter

    With its two historic brands, Pierre Schmidt and Stoeffler, this century-old family group is now the leader in the charcuterie and delicatessen product market in the Alsace region. The grandson of the founder, Pierre Schmidt (the third to bear the name) explains how he has propelled the small artisanal charcuterie-maker from Strasbourg into the Top 6 delicatessen producers in France

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  • Press releases | 31/01/2017

    Idena : Management increasing its stake with the support of CM-CIC Investissement

    CM-CIC Investissement and Idena's adventure is continuing. This new transaction follows on from the buyout deal in 2010

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 30/01/2017

    A well-framed partnership

    SNAAM is France’s leading supplier of prefabricated steel cages, and its major contracts have recently included supplying steel framework for the Flamanville EPR nuclear plant and the Stade de Bordeaux. Pascal Subtil, CEO, talked to us about the specific features of his market, which requires both solidity and flexibility

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  • Press releases | 18/01/2017

    CM-CIC Transactions Pme advised the owner of Chronocarpe on its sale to Notus Technologies and Compagnie d'Anjou

    On 18th January 2017, Chronocarpe, a leading French online retailer of carp fishing equipment, based in Lavelanet

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  • Press releases | 17/01/2017

    Evoke, editor of the Smart Traffik omnichannel solution, is raising €3,5 million

    Evoke, the leading editor of omnichannel solutions, is strengthening its position by welcoming CM-CIC Capital Privé and Alliance Entreprendre as shareholders

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/01/2017

    A partnership with microscopic attention to detail

    Nanobiotix was created in 2003 and is one of the world’s leading pioneers in nanomedicine. Its NanoXray technology aims to make radiotherapy drastically more effective, and its first product - NBTXR3 - is likely to obtain CE marking in 2017. Laurent Lévy, Chairman of the Management Board and founder, looks back on the development of this disruptive innovation

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  • Press releases | 13/01/2017

    Maluuba + Microsoft: Towards Artificial General Intelligence

    We are incredibly excited to announce an important milestone on our journey so far. As of today, Maluuba has agreed to be acquired by Microsoft.

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  • Press releases | 15/12/2016

    Destiny Foods Ltd (UK) merges with La Compagnie des Desserts, which welcomes new majority shareholder Argos Soditic

    The merger of UK based Destiny Foods and La Compagnie des Desserts (« CDD ») reinforces CDD’s position as one of the leading European manufacturers and distributors of frozen desserts for the foodservice industry

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  • Press releases | 11/12/2016

    CM-CIC Investissement joining Qualium Investissement as an investor in Poult-BanketGroep, European leader in private label biscuits segment

    Toulouse-based company Poult is France's leading producer of private label biscuits and, is welcoming a new investor CM-CIC Investissement

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 06/12/2016

    A life-enhancing partnership

    Gautier is a leading European producer of contemporary furniture, and innovative, French-made pieces are its hallmark. The company's momentum stems from the strong start-up culture instilled in the last five years by David Soulard, his brothers and sister, who represent the third generation of the family to run the business

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 01/12/2016

    A partnership that delivers

    Log’s was founded in 2002 and is now the leading logistics and transport provider in the Hauts-de-France region, and one of France’s top-three players in e-commerce logistics. Franck Grimonprez, founder and CEO, talked to us about how his strongly service-oriented vision of the industry is currently enabling Log’s to post annual growth of 20%.

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  • Press releases | 30/11/2016

    La Croissanterie entering a new phase of its development, suported by its management team and CM-CIC Investissement.pdf

    La Croissanterie was founded in 1977 and is now a leading player in the French-style fast food market.

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  • Press releases | 29/11/2016

    Calao Finance and CM-CIC Capital privé invest €1,3 million in restaurant group King Marcel

    Calao Finance and CM-CIC Capital Privé are announcing a €1.3 million investment in restaurant group King Marcel

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  • Press releases | 28/11/2016

    CM-CIC Investissement turning up the volume with Devialet

    Devialet, the French start-up that has more awards than any other company in the world for its sound-based innovations, has just completed a €100 million fundraising from leading industry and financial investors. CM-CIC Investissement took part in this funding round, to support this French tech flagship.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 21/11/2016

    A partnerschip that projects success

    Ciné Digital Service has specialized in installing cinematographic equipment since the 1950s, and is now the leader in the French digital projection market. Through its network, the company supplies equipment for 54% of cinema screens in France. Jean-Noël Fagot, who has headed the company since 2002, gave us an update on his strategy, which is based on innovating, providing great service and constantly challenging the status quo.

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  • Press releases | 16/11/2016

    CM-CIC Investissement is giving the Warning group new resources to step upits growth by investing €3,4 million

    Warning was founded in Lyon in 1993 by Eric Bonnac and is now is one of France's leading players in the last-mile logistics market.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/11/2016

    A well arranged partnership

    With Jardins des Fleurs and Oya chains, the Flora Nova group is now one of France’s leading florist franchisors with almost 100 stores. Benoît Ganem has led the group since 2009, and spoke to us about the specific features and difficulties of the franchising business model, but also its opportunities

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 26/10/2016

    A natural partnership

    With more than 1,000 product lines covering food, cosmetics, dietary supplements, health foods and cleaning products, Léa Nature is now France’s standard-bearer for natural and organic products. Charles Kloboukoff, the company’s founder and CEO, explained how he reconciles economic performance with his very strong social and environmental convictions

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  • Press releases | 10/10/2016

    Telecoms : Circet stepping up its development by acquiring the Sister group

    Circet group, a leading player in the French telecoms infrastructure market, is to acquire Sister group.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 06/10/2016

    A partnership that has major screen presence

    Kabo Family is the producer of «Scènes de Ménages» and «En Famille», two very successful French TV series, and accounts for around 10 % of TV drama and comedy production in the French market. Its senior managers and founders Alain Kappauf and Christian Baumard, who complement each other very well, spoke to us about how their expertise in comedy enabled them to build one of France’s leading independent audiovisual groups

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  • Press releases | 30/09/2016

    Frénéhard & Michaux aiming to hit new heights with the acquisition of Tubesca

    Frénéhard & Michaux was set up 1889 in L'Aigle in the Normandy region of France by Fernand Michaux, and is France's number-one company

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  • Press releases | 27/09/2016

    CM-CIC Conseil has arranged the sale of the CAIRN® outdoor sports brand to the 2RH group, which specialises in motorbike equipment (Shark, Bering, Bagster and Segura brands)

    2RH, a holding company that owns the motorbike equipment brands Shark, Bering, Bagster and Segura, has acquired Cairn®, the French outdoor sports accessories specialist from Sitic and Marlybag SAS. Cairn® leads the French market for winter sports goggles and helmets

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 14/09/2016

    The keys to success

    The AGDA group is a major estate agency group in the Rhône-Alpes region, with more than 20 agencies and 220 employees. Its CEO and founder, Jacques Reboh, talked to use about his unique vision of growing a business while cultivating a family spirit

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  • Press releases | 12/09/2016

    CM-CIC Conseil assisting Reitzel with the sale of its ready-meals and vegetables businesses to Charles Christ

    Five years after buying Christ, a company specialising in condiments, ready meals and vegetables, the Reitzel group is selling the ready-meals

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 08/09/2016

    A partnership like in the films

    Prochimir specialises in technical plastic films, and exports account for 75% of its business. CEO Vianney Lescroart spoke to us about how he doubled the proportion of revenue coming from exports in less than 10 years

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 24/07/2016

    A partnership engineered for success

    Cap Ingelec, based at Saint-Jean d’Illac in France, has for 25 years been setting the standard in France for complex project engineering. Major clients including Danone, IBM, the French atomic energy commission (CEA) and France’s directorate-general for civil aviation regularly entrust work to Cap Ingelec. Founder and CEO Jean-Paul Calès discussed with us the growth strategy of his company, which has been able to remain at the leading edge of technology while retaining its identity and independence

    Read more

  • Meet entrepreneurs | 11/07/2016

    An oxygen-delivering partnership

    Hemarina was set up in 2007 and is now globally renowned for its universal therapeutic oxygen carriers developed from marine worms. Founder and CEO Franck Zal spoke to us about the huge scientific and economic potential of this genuinely groundbreaking innovation

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  • Press releases | 06/07/2016

    CM-CIC Investissement and Findev reinvesting to support La Collecte Medicale's growth

    La Collecte Médicale, based in Châteaubourg, France, specialises in collecting, transporting and processing waste from care activities that carries a risk of infection (known as DASRI in French) in small quantity of waste

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  • Press releases | 14/06/2016

    LuxCarta Joins CM-CIC Investissement and BNP Paribas Développement to Support its Expansion

    Based in Sophia-Antipolis, France, LuxCarta specializes in processing satellite images to create 3D models. The company was created by the merger

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 12/06/2016

    A duo that is going places

    Alstef is a leading automated handling systems company based in France. The company works with numerous industrial companies in a variety of sectors (agrifood, cosmetics, automotive, etc.) and also with 30 airports worldwide (Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Montreal, Istanbul, Dubai, Moscow, etc.). The group is headed up by Pierre Marol since 2006 and aims to tripe its sales by 2017. This target lies firmly within reach, with the company doubling its order backlog in 2015

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 07/06/2016

    A model partnership

    Olly Gan was created in Aix-en- Provence in 1981 and is now one of France’s best-known men’s ready-to-wear brands. Claude Gigou, who has been CEO since 2007, spoke to us about his development strategy in a fastmoving clothing industry.

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  • Press releases | 06/06/2016

    INVST I/O: creation of a booster for connected objects

    It takes more than just funding for a business to succeed in its initial stages of development. To nurture their business from the proposal stage through to profitability, founders need a supportive ecosystem, enabling them to call on resources, systems and skills that the start-up does not yet possess internally

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  • Press releases | 01/06/2016

    InFlectis BioScience raises €6 million in a Series A round to perform clinical trial in humans

    InFlectis BioScience SAS, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the discovery and development of drugs for the treatment of protein misfolding diseases, today announced the completion of a Series A financing round amounting to €6 million

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  • Press releases | 31/05/2016

    CM-CIC Investissement builds up its position at Okko Hôtels

    Two years after the chain’s first hotels opened their doors in Nantes, Grenoble and Lyon, CM-CIC Investissement has again placed its trust in

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 19/05/2016

    A partnership that delivers the goods

    Many of the leading names in the French agrifood and cosmetics industries – including Miko, Kronenbourg, Lancôme, Clarins, Chanel and Lolita Lempicka - now work with Dinamic Emballages.Jean-Pierre Sittler, well-known in the plastics sector for his technical expertise and creativity, presents his vision for its development.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 03/05/2016

    A crease-free partnership

    SteamOne was set up in 2010 and is now a world-leading designer and distributor of garment steamers. Olivier Gabison, the company’s chairman and co-founder, spoke to us about the company’s surprising development from a clothing producer into a flagship French manufacturer and a uccessful example of reshoring

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 19/04/2016

    A partnership to be savoured

    Currently, over 50% of the salted snacks sold private label in France (crackers, snacks etc.)are made in Europe Snacks factories. CEO Christophe Fenart told us about the strategy that has enabled this company, based in the Vendée region of France, to become the leading player in its market in only five years

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  • Press releases | 18/04/2016

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advised Euclyde SAS on the acquisition of the ELB Multimedia group's Lyon datacenter which operates under the Netissime name

    Euclyde SAS, a developer and operator of carrier-neutral, high-availability datacenters in France and abroad, acquires the Lyon-based datacenter of the ELB Multimedia group

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 05/04/2016

    A partnership at the heart of Industry 4.0

    Spring Technologies is a global specialist in machining simulation, and a key supplier to some of the world’s largest companies including Airbus, Safran, Thalès, Nike and Toyota, along with the US Air Force. At a time when the factories of the future are starting to take shape, CEO Gilles Battier spoke to us about his ambitions

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 29/03/2016

    A partnership on the right frequency

    The NomoTech group is a leading player in the wireless broadband market and has three business lines: it is a supplier of telecoms infrastructure, an operator and an internet service provider. Bruno Weinreich, co-founder and CEO, talked to us about the company’s strategy of expanding in niche markets where major operators have little presence.

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  • Press releases | 22/03/2016

    MaaT Pharma announces €10 million fundraising and pursues the development of the first worldwide autologous microbiotherapy solution

    The investment transaction, led by CM-CIC Innovation with Seventure Partners, the pharmaceutical firm Biocodex and the Inra, will allow the start-up to enter the clinical phase. MaaT Pharma is developing a medicine providing treatment for dysbiosis following major treatment against cancer and certain infections

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 18/03/2016

    A partnership that runs deep

    Bardot Group is a global specialist in using polymers in subsea environments. For over 10 years, it has been a leading partner to the offshore oil services industry. Its founder and CEO Guy Bardot spoke to us about his business model which, like his products, is based on flexibility

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  • Press releases | 17/03/2016

    Gecko Biomedical raises €22,5 million led by Sofinnova Partners

    Funds to support the expansion of Gecko’s biopolymers platform through clinical development and approval for multiple applications in tissue reconstruction. Financing includes Bpifrance, and historical investors

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 28/02/2016

    A combination to savour

    With Brittany its home base and the world in its sights, the family-owned SILL group has become a real gem within the French agroindustry. Voted “Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015” by EY on account of his stunning record and the performance of his business, its CEO Gilles Falc’hun shares with us his vision of ambitious and diversified expansion

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 23/02/2016

    A productive encounter

    SFPI, a serial acquirer of businesses in the 1980s, has today grown into an international industrial group with 4,000 employees dedicated to capital goods for the construction and manufacturing sectors

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  • Press releases | 22/02/2016

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advising the Vedettes du Pont Neuf group on its acquisition by France Tourisme

    France Tourisme is acquiring the Vedettes du Pont Neuf group (VPN), a major operator of river tours in the Paris region

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  • Press releases | 10/02/2016

    CM-CIC Investissement buys into Oletis

    As part of its development plan, Oletis has just carried out a new €20 million capital increase involving its existing shareholders and CM-CIC Investissement, whose contribution was €6.5 million

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 28/01/2016

    A partnership to be savoured

    La Compagnie des Desserts is France’s leading specialist producer of ice creams and frozen desserts, and is based in Lézignan-Corbières in the Aude region of France. It currently supplies more than 14,000 restaurants in France, Spain, the UK, Japan and the USA. Didier Barral, its founder and CEO, shared with us his development strategy

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 26/01/2016

    A fully flexible partnership

    Gecko Biomedical is a «Med- Tech» company which was created in 2013, and 2017 will mark the commercial launch of its novel new wound closure system for cardiovascular surgery, and soon afterwards digestive surgery. Christophe Bancel, the company’s CEO and co-founder, explained to us his strategy for developing this breakthrough innovation, which is based on research done at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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  • Press releases | 25/01/2016

    Development transaction : Capital Croissance invests alongside CM-CIC Investissement in Oceanet Technology to support its external growth strategy

    Together with CM-CIC Investissement, which is making an additional investment as part of the transaction, Capital Croissance is becoming a core shareholder in Oceanet Technology (OT) as it joins forces with NBS System (No Bue Screen System).

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  • Press releases | 21/01/2016

    Buyout transaction : CM-CIC Investissement buys into the family-owned Proplast group's capital

    Proplast is a family-owned group based in Flines-lez-Raches near Douai in Northern France. It was set up in 1990 by Pierre Berthe – winner of Ernst & Young's entrepreneur of the year award for Northern France in 2015 – and is a leading player in plastic food packaging

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  • Press releases | 20/01/2016

    Maluuba closes $9 Million in Series A Financing to Further Advancements in Deep Learning

    Dave Grannan Joins as Chairman of Board as the Company Announces That Its AI Platform Is Now Integrated Across More Than 50 Million Devices Globally

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  • fartelia | 11/01/2016

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advising on the sale of Sudipan to Veran Costamagna

    Sudipan SAS, a leading regional distributor of wood-based panels, is joining the family-owned Costamagna group

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  • Press releases | 07/01/2016

    CM-CIC investissement and Crédit Agricole Régions Investissement investing €17 millions to support the growth of the Lorillard group

    Lorillard is a family-owned group that was founded in Chartres in 1936. It developed rapidly under Jean Lorillard, who led the group until 2006, and under current CEO Loïc Bréhu has become one of France's leading players in the custom industrial joinery market

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  • Press releases | 17/12/2015

    CM-CIC Transactions PME advising shareholders of Le Nettoyage & Peinture Net

    EMN is purchasing Le Nettoyage & Peinture Net, a group specialising in cleaning and painting services. The deal furthers the EMN group's acquisition strategy and enlarge its presence in the Paris region

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  • Press releases | 17/12/2015

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advised Comatec shareholders on the divestiture of their company to Bunzl

    On December 1st, Comatec, 100% owned by its founder Jean-Marc Fau, joined forces with the English group Bunzl

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 15/12/2015

    A very fluid partnership

    Thermador is a leading specialist distributor of plumbing equipment for the building and manufacturing sectors, and currently sells 55,000 product lines through nine subsidiaries. CEO Guillaume Robin explained to us his strategy in a hotly contested market

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 02/12/2015

    A partnership that works

    With 150 branches and 550 permanent employees, Actual is a leading player in the French employment market. Samuel Tual co-founded Actual, a family-owned company specialising in temporary employment, and has made workforce innovation a key part of its strategy. It offers a winwin approach for companies and employees.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 01/12/2015

    A slick partnership

    Every year, Synerglace brings pleasure to 10 million French people by renting out 80% of the country’s mobile ice rinks.Philippe Aubertin, the company’s founder and CEO, explained to us why its market share is not about to melt away

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  • Press releases | 30/11/2015

    Creation of an independent regional leader : The Freche group has acquired FBL with the help of CM-CIC Investissement

    Freche is a family-owned company managed by Eric and Laurence Freche, based in Vitrolles and specialising in the B2B rental of lifting and construction equipment

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  • Press releases | 26/11/2015

    CM-CIC Transactions PME: financial advisor of Imprimerie Planchenault's shareholders on the disposal to Le Nouvel'R group

    Le Nouvel’R group has acquired Imprimerie Planchenault, which specialises in traditional printing and custom printed items.

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  • Press releases | 24/11/2015

    La Maison Bouvet Ladubay has regained its independence backed by Ouest Croissance, CM-CIC Investissement and Unigrains

    Bouvet Ladubay Brut de Loire has left the United Spirits Limited (USL) group. The Monmousseau family has taken the opportunity to regain ownership of the company that it has managed continuously since 1932

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 17/11/2015

    A partnership that thinks big

    From La Défense in Paris to managing Shell petrol stations all over the world, Artelia is now one of Europe’s leading multidiscipline engineering groups.Benoît Clocheret has been Artelia’s CEO since 2014. He explained to us his growth ambitions in a sector that has traditionally been dominated by US and UK companies

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  • Press releases | 03/11/2015

    CM-CIC Investissement has invested in Gabriel Boudier, founded in 1874 and maker of the most prized "crème de cassis de Dijon" liqueur

    François and Yves Battault, who currently manage the company, wanted a succession plan to replace their older brother Jean Battault as chairman

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  • Press releases | 02/11/2015

    CM-CIC Investissement, via Columbus Holding and alongside a pool of investors, has become a major shareholder in the Chargeurs group

    CM-CIC Investissement has invested €8.5 million and joined forces with a group of institutional investors

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  • Press releases | 29/10/2015

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advised Octelio Conseil’s shareholders on the disposal of a stake in the company

    On October 16th, the shareholders of Octelio Conseil sold a large stake in the business to Technology & Strategy.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 13/10/2015

    A partnership that moves heaven and earth

    NSE was set up in 1983 with five employees in the small village of Allier, but now has over 800 people worldwide. It designs, integrates and repairs electronic systems for big names in the aerospace and defence industries, like Airbus, Dassault, Thales and Bombardier. We spoke to François Lacoste, NSE’s founder and former cattle farmer

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 13/10/2015

    A partnership that believes in recovery

    The Aryes group now sets the standard in France for turning around companies who face difficulties. Also, and most importantly, it is a large industrial group. As Rodolphe Tarnaud – Aryes’ CEO since 1996 – explains, the group stands out through its long-term commitment to the companies it acquires

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 06/10/2015

    A well equipped partnership

    With Far Group and Mejix Peugeot Outillage, the Sigma group is a leading player in electric tools sold through mass DIY and gardening retailers. Christophe Hurel and Pierre Bertrand are partners and managers of the group, and form an excellent team with complementary skills

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 07/09/2015

    A partnership that puts the whole world within reach

    Webinterpret is now the world leader in facilitating cross-border e-commerce. Its solution has been adopted by the largest online marketplaces, from eBay to Amazon. Patrick Smarzynski, co-founder and CEO, explained to us the business model of his company, which is generating triple-digit growth

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  • Press releases | 31/08/2015

    CM-CIC Investissement has become the leading shareholder alongside the CEO, in family-owned group Compte.R

    Compte.R was founded in 1887 in Arlanc, in the Auvergne region of France, and is France's leading producer of biomass boilers. The aim of this financial transaction is to allow the long-standing family owners to exit, and to allow current CEO Dominique Compte and his brother frère Eric Compte to increase their reinvestment substantially

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 16/07/2015

    A high-precision encounter

    Created in 2006, Endocontrol is now a European leader in robotic assistance for endoscopic surgery. Clément Vidal, Chairman and founder, shared with us his experience of developing this revolutionary medical technology

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  • Press releases | 15/07/2015

    Parquest Capital, together with CM-CIC Investissement, the management team and the employees of the group, acquired Caillau automotive and aerospace subcontractor from ING Belgium

    Parquest Capital, together with CM-CIC Investissement, the management team and the employees of the group, just concluded the acquisition of Caillau from a consortium of investors led by ING Belgium

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  • Press releases | 10/07/2015

    MITRICARES closes a €2,2m seed round with GO CAPITAL, CAP DECISIF MANAGEMENT and CM-CIC Innovation

    GO CAPITAL, CAP DECISIF Management and CM-CIC Innovation join forces, aside current individual shareholders, for a €2,2m equity investment

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  • Press releases | 08/07/2015

    KRONO-SAFE achieves a 3,9 million euros ($4,3 million) fundraising to strengthen its innovative offer ASTERIOS

    KRONO-SAFE, a French software editor in the safety-critical real-time embedded market, announces a second fundraising of 3.9 M€

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  • Press releases | 08/07/2015

    Sauermann acquires KIMO Gestion Finance, French market leader in measurement instruments

    Sauermann Group, worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing pumps for condensate removal has acquired Sauermann Industrie SA Sauermann Group, worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing pumps for condensate removal has acquired, through its French subsidiary Sauermann Industrie SA, the French family-owned group Kimo Gestion Finance SA ("KGF"), to significantly expand its offer to HVACR* professionals. The parties have agreed not to disclose the financial terms of the transaction.

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  • Press releases | 07/07/2015

    Industrial robotics : A new phase of growth for the Intech group with the support of CM-CIC Investissement

    Intech, based in Grézieux la Varenne (69), specialises in the design, production and assembly of automated and robotic equipment. CM-CIC Investissement has acquired a stake in the company, investing €4.1m, enabling the group’s historical shareholders to reorganise its capital, whilst maintaining control, and begin a new phase of development

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 01/07/2015

    A partnership based on high-quality service

    With 4 million contracts, 450,000 calls handled and 150,000 operations each year, the Ealis group is now France’s leading provider of after-sales service and extended warranties.Ealis acts as a toolbox for producers and distributors of brown goods and telephone equipment. Its head, Didier Bouriez spoke to us about his vision of innovation and customer service

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  • Press releases | 30/06/2015

    New shareholder structure based around Syst'Am's management team

    Syst'Am, founded in 1988 and based in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, is a leading player in designing, developing and manufacturing systems to prevent and treat pressure sores in patients with reduced mobility

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  • Press releases | 23/06/2015

    Exagan Raises €5.7 Million to Produce High-efficiency GaN-on-Silicon Power-switching Devices on 200mm Wafers

    Leti-and-Soitec Spinout Focused on Becoming Leading European Source Of GaN Devices for Solar, Automotive, Telecoms and Infrastructure

    Read more

  • Press releases | 19/06/2015

    EPF Partners, CM-CIC Investissement and BPIFRANCE supporting Carole Leonard in the buyout of Teknimed

    Teknimed, a family-owned company founded by Alain Léonard in 1990 and managed by his daughter Carole Léonard since 2010

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 18/06/2015

    A far-reaching partnership

    From the roofs of stadiums built for the London Olympic Games to Anish Kapoor’s creations, Serge Ferrari’s flexible composite materials can be found everywhere. The company is popular among both major anufacturing groups and tradesmen in the building industry, and it has developed a reputation as a high-end pioneer in over 80 countries. Sébastien Ferrari, son of the founder, has been Chairman and CEO of the company since 1992, and he spoke to us about this family success story

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  • Press releases | 17/06/2015

    Accrosport raises €3 million from CM-CIC Investissement and Bpifrance

    Accrosport is a Normandy-based fitness-centre operator and is aiming to double its capacity. CM-CIC Investissement and Bpifrance are supporting the group in its current phase of development

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  • Press releases | 15/06/2015

    Circet strengthens its shareholder structure with CM-CIC Investissement to write a new chapter

    Circet, a pure play in the French telecoms infrastructure market, announces that CM-CIC Investissement has acquired an equity stake

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  • Press releases | 11/06/2015

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advising the Ormès group on its acquisition by Carlson

    Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) is acquiring Ormès, an agency specialising in event-related communication for companies.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 04/06/2015

    A partnership that has cracked the code

    With subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, China and Singapore, Teklynx is a world-leading producer of software for managing and printing barcode labels. CEO Thierry Mauger explained how the company, based in the Gers region, came to generate over 85% of its revenue outside France

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  • Press releases | 03/06/2015

    INNOV8 Group stepping up its growth and raising €24 million from French investors

    Innov8 Group, a leading distributor of smartphones, connected devices and accessories in France and elsewhere in Europe, today announces that it has agreed a €24 million capital increase

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 21/05/2015

    A fruitful partnership

    With 50 million units sold each year, Routin is France’s secondlargest flavoured syrup producer and one of Europe’s leading players in the beverage flavourings industry. Olivier Lecoeur has headed the Savoie-based company since 2012. He explained to us how combining strong regional roots and innovation can lead to international success.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 07/05/2015

    A flexible partnership

    Arche is based in Château- Renault, in the heart of the Touraine region, and is one of the last major French footwear brands. It is one of the most highly regarded companies in its sector and has more than withstood Asian competition, since it now sells its products across more than 160 outlets in China.

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  • Press releases | 10/04/2015

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advising on the sale of Matis Interventions to Swiss group Sulzer

    Matis Interventions specialises in the installation and maintenance of rotating machines such as pumps, generators and electrical motors

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 07/04/2015

    A stylish partnership

    «Our style has changed, not our prices». La Foir’Fouille’s advertising slogan perfectly sums up its successful transformation. With revenue of €550 million and 220 stores, it is now a leading discount retailer. Ivan Rapoport has headed the company since 2000 and is the main architect behind the change.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 02/04/2015

    An open-and-closed encounter

    the last major French footwear brands. It is one of the most highly regarded companies in its sector and has more than withstood Asian competition, since it now sells its products across more than 160 outlets in China.

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  • Press releases | 31/03/2015

    CM-CIC Capital Finance is changing its name to CM-CIC Investissement : Change amid continuity of strategy

    Profalux and Eveno-in

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  • Press releases | 27/03/2015

    Janssen-Fritsen joins Abeo in the run-up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

    the Stella Group, France’s leader

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 26/03/2015

    A meeting bound for succes

    Capitaine Train is currently the only alternative to for buying train tickets in France

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 19/03/2015

    A high-security meeting

    Delivering double-digit growth for more than 10 years, anaveo is France’s no. 1 in video surveillance. Paul Surand (chairman of the Supervisory Board), Grégory Louis (Head of operations) and Fabrice Tisseur (Head of Sales and marketing) tell us how the company’s innovation-price-service dynamic has enabled it to become a key player among businesses and local authorities

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  • Press releases | 17/03/2015

    Altrad strengthens its capital by €100 million to finance a major acquisition

    demonstrated that French

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  • Press releases | 04/03/2015

    Isaltis raises €3,5 million to continue its growth

    businesses manufacturing in

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 26/02/2015

    A high-flying partnership

    France can succeed, as their

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 12/02/2015

    A serene partnership

    Funecap was founded in 2010 and is now France’s second-largest funeral services group. After its merger with Société des crématoriums de France (ScF), it now has over 500 employees and 200 branches

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  • Press releases | 30/01/2015

    Capital increase : Mojovida takes a vital step forward in its development and welcomes CM-CIC Capital Finance as an equity investor

    Mojovida was created from a merger between two major players in electronic payment collection solutions, AMIX-TPV and Contactis

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  • Press releases | 30/01/2015

    CM Labs Simulations Fuels Growth with Emerillon Capital and Desjardins-Innovatech VC Funding

    CM Labs Simulations announced today that it is partnering with Canadian venture capital firm Emerillon Capital and Desjardins-Innovatech

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 27/01/2015

    A game-changing partnership

    Intersec was founded in 2004 and is now a world-leading producer of software for telecoms operators

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 26/01/2015

    Together on the deck

    Historic partner to the major sailboat builders, the Wichard Group is now world no. 1 in marine hardware. At the company’s helm since 2006, Jean-Claude Ibos talked to us about his strategy, based on external growth and French manufacturing quality

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  • Press releases | 23/01/2015

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory announces the signature of a major capital partnership between Alma and Orona

    Alma was created over 40 years ago and is a leading provider of people and material lifting equipment in Paris area. The company is well-known for its industrial know-how and its customers’ credentials including among public-sector organisations and corporates

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  • Press releases | 22/01/2015

    MBO and merger: CM-CIC Capital Finance supporting the merger between Julhiet and SterWen

    The owner-managers of Julhiet and SterWen, two leading French management consultancy firms, had each been considering takeover by an industrial acquirer or LBOs for some time

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  • Press releases | 22/01/2015

    CM-CIC Capital Finance buys into DGI

    The DGI group is based in Parçay-Meslay, France, and is a distributor of equipment used in the construction, environmental and recycling sectors, including equipment for processing green and organic waste

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  • Press releases | 22/01/2015

    New LBO and exit of a minority shareholder : CM-CIC Capital Finance buys into DGI

    The DGI group is based in Parçay-Meslay, France, and is a distributor of equipment used in the construction, environmental and recycling sectors, including equipment for processing green and organic waste

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  • Press releases | 15/01/2015

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advising the owner-managers of Lacoste SAS on their family-led buyout

    Lacoste SAS, a leading regional distributor of office supplies, office consumables and school products, has taken its first step towards a family-led buyout alongside Siparex

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  • Press releases | 15/01/2015

    Boosting development with new financial partners

    CM-CIC Capital Finance, accompanied by IXO Private Equity, Crédit Agricole Régions Investissement and BNP Paribas Développement, has invested alongside management to reshape the ownership structure of MDA

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  • Press releases | 13/01/2015

    Debiopharm Diagnostics leads investment round in GenePoc with Emerillon Capital

    Debiopharm Diagnostics, part of Debiopharm Group™, is proud to be the lead investor in GenePOC, who are developing a highly innovative, low cost and quick MDx (Molecular Diagnostics) platform. Debiopharm Diagnostics led this investment round together with Emerillon Capital and will become the largest shareholder in GenePOC.

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  • Press releases | 09/01/2015

    Change in ownership structure : CM-CIC Capital Finance buys into NomoTech, alongside Unexo

    The NomoTech group is a leading player in the wireless broadband market and has three business lines: it is a supplier of telecoms infrastructure, an operator and an internet service provider specialising in rural areas and high-density urban locations

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 09/12/2014

    A partnership that is making headlines

    LeKiosk is the inventor of digital magazine distribution and a leading player in the market, as well as one of the forerunners of paid online services.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 02/12/2014

    An expertly blended partnership

    With its seven Champagne houses and famous brands including Cuvée Tsarine de Chanoine Frères and Lanson Rosé (no.1 in the UK), the Lanson-BCC group is the second-largest Champagne producer

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  • Press releases | 28/11/2014

    Merger between Funécap and SCF

    Funécap and SCF have decided to merge to form a leading provider of funeral services in France and Belgium, a sector that generates an annual revenue of over €3 billion

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  • Press releases | 28/11/2014

    Synerglace, France's leading mobile ice rink supplier, is adjusting its ownership structure and sharpening its development strategy

    Synerglace has carried out a transaction enabling four long-standing partners to cash out, and CM-CIC Capital Finance to acquire a minority stake in order to support the company's growth plans

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  • Press releases | 28/11/2014

    CM-CIC Capital Finance investing €3.65 million to support Prochimir's development

    CM-CIC Capital Finance is taking a minority stake as sole investor in a transaction involving the exit of former majority owner MBO Partenaires

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 12/11/2014

    A partnership full of imagination

    Babymoov ranks 88th in the l’express/ernst&young top 150 best-performing independent companies and, after 15 years, is setting the standard in the french infant care products market

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 04/11/2014

    A partnership with an excellent profile

    Bilcocq-Duval was founded in 1962 and in the last 15 years has become France’s leading producer of waterproof thresholds and a major supplier of hardware products.

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  • Press releases | 28/10/2014

    Spring Technologies successfully raises €5.0M

    SPRING Technologies is funding a new growth stage with a new round of capital investment from its historic partner CM-CIC Capital Innovation together with ACE Management’s Aerofund III and CM-CIC Capital Privé, alongside with an Innovation loan from Bpifrance sovereign investment bank.

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  • Press releases | 27/10/2014

    Family-owned chocolatier Puyricard is reaching a new step with the financial support of CM-CIC Capital Finance

    The Puyricard group was founded in 1968, in the eponymous town located in south of France. It manufactures and sells chocolates and, since 2012, other confectionery (calissons, nougat, marshmallows etc.) and artisan ice-creams.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 09/10/2014

    Strengthening ties

    With clients as demanding as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Europcar Atlantic and Vendée Globe, Oceanet Technology is now a leading French player in internet hosting and cloud solutions

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 02/10/2014

    An inventive partnership

    The Burger group is a leading player in home and garden accessories, and has been managed by the same family since 1847.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 30/09/2014

    For a more sustainable world

    Global Bioenergies was founded in 2008, and is developing a bioprocess that produces fuel and plastics from plant material.Chairman and CEO Marc Delcourt spoke to us to explain the company’s revolutionary technology, and to talk about his business model in the highly romising oil-alternatives market

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  • Press releases | 25/09/2014

    CM-CIC Capital Finance buys into AKCB

    AKCB is a group of audiovisual production companies, of which is Kabo.

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  • Press releases | 16/09/2014

    Bpifrance and CM-CIC Capital Innovation join the historical shareholder to raise €15 million funding for VI TECHNOLOGY

    Bpifrance (through its Large Venture fund) and CM-CIC Capital Innovation are investing €7.5 million and €3 million respectively in Vi TECHNOLOGY, alongside the historical shareholder Neptune Technologies (a company wholly owned by Gilles Vicard and his family), as part of a €15 million fund raising transaction.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 08/09/2014

    A supportive partnership

    Founded in 1985, the Altrad Group is now world no. 1 in concrete mixer manufacturing and European no. 1 in scaffolding.A position gained mainly through an incredibly dynamic external growth strategy.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 10/07/2014

    A very moving meeting

    The European leader in design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, SERTA now generates 70% of its turnover from exports sales with a blue-chip client list

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 02/07/2014

    A very healthy meeting

    With units in Boulogne-sur-Mer and Calais, Hôpitaux Privés du Littoral is the second largest private healthcare provider in the Pas-de-Calais area. With units in Boulogne-sur-Mer and Calais, Hôpitaux Privés du Littoral is the second largest private healthcare provider in the Pas-de-Calais area.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 11/06/2014

    Building the future

    From 18 branches in 1999 to more than 320 today: in less than 15 years, Chausson Matériaux has moved from a regional company to France’s second-largest building materials network

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 05/06/2014


    Disregarding the traditional rules of elegance, ready-towear clothing brand Vicomte A. is a breath of fresh air with its irreverent take on high-end sportswear A. is a breath of fresh air with its irreverent take on high-end sportswear.

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  • Press releases | 28/05/2014

    New ownership structure: Management acquiring a majority stake in Olly Gan

    The Olly Gan group is based in Aix en Provence and was founded in 1981. It designs men's clothes with a casual, classic style.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 22/05/2014

    A journey to paradise

    Exotismes specialises in holidays on tropical islands, and serves almost 70,000 olidaymakers every year.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 13/05/2014

    Lighting the way Lighting the way

    Lucibel was recently named as one of the world’s 100 most promising clean-tech companies in the 2013 Global Cleantech 100 Lucibel was recently named as one of the world’s 100 most promising clean-tech companies in the 2013 Global Cleantech 100

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 07/05/2014

    A well presented strategy

    Franco-Danish group T3L is a world leader in document display, presentation and organization systems. Yves Revenu, Chairman & Chief Executive, talks about his strategy of innovation, external build-up and international expansion in an office supplies market shaken up by new technologies and co

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  • Press releases | 06/05/2014

    Focal & Naim Group: CM-CIC Capital Finance sells its shareholdings after 13 years of high-fidelity partnership

    Happy end for the partnership between CM-CIC Capital Finance and Jacques Mahul, the founder of Focal (formerly known as JMlab), who has organized his exit from the company by selling his remaining 41% of capital to a pool of financial investors and to the international team of managers.

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  • Press releases | 30/04/2014


    Through a capital increase on 10 April 2014 ROTALYS SAS (PLAISIR), a supplier of logistics services to the automotive industry, added CM-CIC CAPITAL PRIVE (a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel-CIC Group) as a shareholder, alongside the majority shareholder (Fonds d’Intervention pour les PME –FIPME) and the shareholder managers.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 29/04/2014

    A meeting full of resources

    With around 800 employees and revenues doubling every two years, IT services group Talan Consulting is currently one of the leading consulting firms in restructuring of IT systems.

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  • Press releases | 24/04/2014

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advises Qualium Investissement and the shareholder-managers of Agro-Service 2000 on the sale of the group

    Agro-Service 2000, the leading integrated network in its segment of distribution of agricultural solutions, is continuing its development alongside Naxicap Partners

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 08/04/2014

    A recipe for success

    Krampouz is a manufacture of cookers and is currently one of the world market leaders in “plug-and-go” cooking equipment. Founded 65 years ago, the company is headed by Serge Kergoat, who bought this flagship of Quimper industry in 2006

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  • Press releases | 02/04/2014

    LMBO transaction: Buyout of ENAG by management team

    Supported by five managers of the company and industrial co-investors, Henri Le Gallais - current CEO of the ENAG group - is buying out the company with help of CM-CIC Capital Finance, which is investing €1.3 million, alongside Nestadio Capital investing €0.3 million

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 31/03/2014

    A meeting open to the world

    Agta Record specialises in manufacturing and maintenance of automatic door systems and is currently one of the world market leaders in the sector.Hubert Jouffroy, Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2004, opens the doors on his group

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  • Press releases | 24/03/2014

    New €4m round of financing for Brittany-based start-up Hemarina

    CM-CIC Capital Innovation has invested €3 million alongside the historical investors Finistère Angels, Armor Angels and XMP / Business Angels des Grandes Ecoles, who invested conjointly €1 million.

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  • Press releases | 21/03/2014

    CM-CIC Capital Finance and Viveris Management invest €8.4 million in Anaveo to support its growth

    Thanks to CM-CIC Capital Finance, which is providing €5 million, and Viveris Management, providing €3.4 million, Anaveo founder Paul Surand has offered a liquidity to funds managed by Naxicap and a financing round to speed up the company’s development, primarily via acquisitions

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 18/03/2014

    An interconnected meeting

    Kerlink, a French company specializing in machine-to-machine technology, currently allows any company to interconnect its remote equipment whether fixed (electricity meters, Médiamétrie audimeters) or mobile (goods or people transportation vehicles).William Gouesbet, CE O of the Rennes-based company, discusses his ambitions in M2M and the Internet of Things

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 27/02/2014

    An active meeting

    Founded 30 years ago by Sandrine and Bertrand Bonelli, Les Cercles de la Forme currently owns nine health clubs in Paris and the new suburb area

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 11/02/2014

    A meeting to create ties

    and Bertrand Bonelli, Les Cercles

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  • Press releases | 05/02/2014

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advises Bermax Construction on its sale to Maisons France Confort

    de la Forme currently owns nine

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 31/01/2014

    One very successful meeting

    health clubs in Paris and the new

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  • Press releases | 30/01/2014

    Acquisio Secures Expansion Round from Canadian VC Emerillon Capital

    suburb area

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  • Press releases | 15/01/2014

    Change of generation for Actual with the support of CM-CIC Capital Finance and Ouest Croissance

    The Actual group, founded in Laval in 1991 by Gérard Tual, is ranked eleventh in the temporary employment market in France, with consolidated revenues of €280 million. It has a network of 100 agencies, located mainly in the west and south-east of France.

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  • Press releases | 15/01/2014

    CM-CIC CAPITAL Finance investing in Vicomte A

    Vicomte A., a French ready-to-wear clothing company known for its colourful designs, was founded in 2005 by Arthur de Soultrait.

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  • Meet entrepreneurs | 14/01/2014

    A meeting with heart

    Founded in 1980, Perouse Medical is currently one of the European market leaders in cardiovascular technology. Its aim is to promote solutions designed to improve patients’ quality of life and the working conditions of healthcare professionals. Founder and Chairman Eric Pérouse answers our questions

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  • Press releases | 13/01/2014

    DMS joins the BVA group

    CM-CIC Corporate Advisory advises DMS shareholders on its sale to the BVA group

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