Mutual trust

Together with our professionalism, our service is characterised by our strong focus on people, our close ties with business leaders and the long-term support we provide to the companies we invested in. These relationships are based on trust: the trust that CM-CIC Investissement's men and women place in the business leaders they select, but also the trust they win by listening to clients and demonstrating their expertise.

A rigorous, professional approach

CM-CIC Investissement's involvement in a company, as a professional investor, is based on a strict analysis of the company's needs. Through an objective assessment of investment criteria, we work with companies to develop practical, coherent and successful solutions.

Responsibility and risk-taking

Our Private Equity subsidiaries provide exclusively equity-based financing, and our Advisory subsidiary provides a full range of M&A services.

Long-term partnerships

We support managers by working closely with them, not only geographically but also intellectually. We provide long-term support, along with further investments if needed.

Our values in detail

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