Venture capital

Make the most of your company's creative potential

Our CM-CIC Innovation (equity own funds) and CM-CIC Capital Privé (third-party investments) subsidiaries provide the financing that innovative companies need for their growth.

They have the full range of skills to deal with the growth issues facing companies operating in fast-growing and high-potential sectors like information technology, internet/e-commerce, telecoms, electronics, life sciences, new materials and cleantech.

They are familiar with the realities of business life and work closely with research centres. They buy into companies at different stages of their development (seed capital, start-up capital, growth capital etc.) and can adjust the level of investment as companies grow.

Our investment criteria

Our teams are strongly motivated to succeed, and they apply a selective, rigorous investment policy to projects, based on specific criteria:

  • experienced and committed management,
  • high technological barriers,
  • an innovative project capable of producing a creative step forward in technology,
  • potential for growth and international development.

Our specific approach and complementary skills

CM-CIC Innovation and CM-CIC Capital Privé can invest through FCPI innovation funds and, because of their complementary positions, can invest jointly in the same high tech companies even though they manage separate portfolios and are fully autonomous in their decision-making.

They provide investee companies with:

  • advice about managers' strategic choices, based on their extensive experience,
  • access to the full range of services provided by Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale,
  • assistance with future fund-raising transactions,
  • help with preparing an exit for investors with the best possible terms, either through entry of a new financial partner or through a strategic merger.

Our venture capital investments

  • Adobis


    Software for digital hospital

    Saint Ismier (38)

  • Airtag


    Mobile shopping solutions

    Chatillon (92)

  • Algodone


    Hardware Design Right Management

    Montpellier (34)

  • Antidot


    Semantic software

    Lyon (69)

  • Coldway


    Autonomous refrigeration equipment

    Perpignan (66)

  • Endodiag


    Innovative solutions for diagnosing endometriosis

    Evry (91)

  • Exagan


    Power electronics

    Grenoble (38)

  • Gecko Biomedical

    Gecko Biomedical

    Biodegradable surgical glues and patches

    Tassin la demi-lune (69)

  • Genclis


    Development tools required for precise predictive medicine

    Vandoeuvre les Nancy (54)

  • Gen Orph

    Gen Orph

    Generic orphan drugs

    Montataire (60)

  • Global Bioenergies

    Global Bioenergies

    Process to convert renewable resources into hydrocarbons

    Evry (91)

  • Hemarina


    Marine biotechnology

    Morlaix (29)

  • Httv


    Leading software solutions provider for digital TV

    Meylan (38)

  • Ieva


    IoT based solutions for Personal Care and Beauty

    Paris (75)

  • Inflectis


    Discovery and development of drugs

    Nantes (44)

  • Intersec


    Big Data for telecoms

    Paris La Défense (92)

  • Kerlink


    M2M Solutions

    Rennes (35)

  • Krono-Safe


    Software in the safety-critical real-time embedded

    Orsay (91)

  • Lucibel


    Led lighting systems

    Rueil-Malmaison (92)

  • Maat Pharma

    Maat Pharma

    Autologous microbiotherapy solution

    Lyon (69)

  • Nanobiotix


    Nanoparticles in oncology

    Paris (75)

  • Novasparks


    Very high frequency calculators

    Chatillon (78)

  • Oncodesign


    Pré-clinical, joint development in oncology

    Dijon (21)

  • Panthera Dental

    Panthera Dental

    Products for dental implantology and sleep apnea

    Québec - Canada

  • Precithera


    Therapy for rare bone diseases

    Montréal - Canada

  • Presto Engineering

    Presto Engineering

    Semi-conductor tests and analysis

    Grenoble (38)

  • Scalefast


    Direct-to-consumer digital commerce platform

    Etats-Unis (CA)

  • Tricares


    Percutaneous medical device (Heart valves implants)

    Vincennes (94)

  • Universign


    Electronic signature, timestamping, proof management

    Paris (75)

  • Voluntis


    Therapeutics software

    Suresnes (92)

Our dedicated subsidiaries

  • CM-CIC Capital Privé
  • CM-CIC Innovation

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