CM-CIC Innovation

Speeding up the development of your technological innovations

CM-CIC Innovation is a significant player in the French venture capital industry, and can help you realise your vision and ambitions.

Support designed for success

We help high-growth companies at various stages of their development.

CM-CIC Innovation, usually together with Sudinnova, provides various kinds of equity financing to high tech companies:

  • seed capital (finalisation of the prototype),
  • start-up capital (first sales),
  • development capital (growth, international expansion).

Our selection criteria

CM-CIC Capital Innovation focuses on technology-oriented industries: IT, telecoms, electronics, life sciences, environment and new materials.

Our selective investment policy is based on clearly defined criteria:

  • committed, high-quality management,
  • an innovative technological business plan,
  • growth potential,
  • long-term viability,
  • intellectual property.

CM-CIC Innovation's approach is based on structured growth models:

  • 5-10 year production timeframe
  • equity investment, mainly as lead or co-lead, through various funding rounds ranging between €0,5m and €3,0m, depending on the situation,
  • support for management as part of its strategy of close partnership with investee companies.

CM-CIC Capital Innovation's team advises Sudinnova, a pioneer in the French venture capital market, and invests alongside it.

Invst I/O: a booster for connected objects

CM-CIC Capital Innovation supports innovative new connected object businesses by setting up a start-up booster endowed with €10 million, INVST I/O.

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